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I'm totally obsessed with Black accents in the home. It's usually a faux-pas but it creates a visual and makes the room dark and moody. It's kind of sexy. Some things to note: Black makes the room appear smaller. When using this color in a big space, it's brings a cozy vibe to the room. When using black paint in a small room, here are some tips: Use contrasting colors when choosing furniture, use black as an accent on a light reflecting wall and prime, prime, prime.



Pastels are no longer for children only. Utilize these colors in a grown and modern way. Pastel colors actually do the opposite of what black walls do. They make a room appear bigger! So any spall space you have in your home consider looking at these shades. Another great reason to consider pastel colors, they are calming and relaxing. That means it's great for a bedroom to get a good nights rest or a sitting area after a long day at work.


Neutral Tones

Can't lie. My favorite color is white and all shades of it. There's something so enticing about an all white living room. The pure, clean nature of it makes me want to rug through it with my sneakers on (just kidding.) It's bold and powerful. When someone has an all white living room, i immediately think that person likes living on the edge. This is a great palette for all my renters. If you're unable to paint the walls, keep the interest in the accessories, finishes and textures.  




Money. Money. Money. Monnnnnay. Pantone's 2017 color of the year was green for a reason! “People are craving the positivity and energy and drive we can get from color. It’s a very optimistic color.” Whether this is in furnishing or plants in your house. Green is a color that should be a staple in your household even after 2017 is over. If you are bold, consider a emerald green couch in a velvet texture. Beware though, it may be hard for company to leave.